It's hard to believe that in less than three days, most of us will be sitting down in a theater and watching Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time. It's been a long journey, keeping up with the film's production, speculating plot points, and watching trailers non-stop. Now we finally get to see the finished product. 

Throughout the process, director James Gunn was extremely adamant that Guardians would feature lots and lots of "easter eggs" from the Marvel universe. For those who don't know, "easter eggs" are references, character appearances, cameos, etc. which are hidden in films and not always easy to spot. After the jump, check out a growing list of easter eggs from Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, if you have already seen the film and noticed any easter eggs not listed yet, drop us a comment below.


Guard The Galaxy 2.0 - Launching October 2014

Hey Galaxians! Cameron Logan, here! For those of you who don't know me, I am the creator of this humble little site, which I started in March of 2013. You may be wondering why I started a site dedicated to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy of all things. Well, to be honest, I have always felt like an underdog, so I guess a comic about underdogs saving the universe really resonated with me. Plus, once I heard that Marvel Studios would be making a Guardians of the Galaxy film, I knew fans would need a site to talk about the Guardians movies and comics.

Although running this site hasn't always been easy (I've had months where I've almost completely fallen off the map), it has been one of the single greatest experiences of my life. Not only have I communicated with Guardians fans from all around the world, I've also made some truly great friends. 

With the announcement that Marvel would be releasing Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in July 2017, the number of Galaxians will only continue to grow. That's why I am hard at work, redesigning the site to make it more attractive, informative, user-friendly, and fun. The "relaunch" will officially happen this October (2014), but that doesn't mean we won't keep posting until then.

Thanks to all of you for making this site a great experience!

Cameron Logan

VIDEO: The Second GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Trailer Gets The LEGO Treatment

Don't Miss Out On These GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Theater Exclusives

It is almost that time! In just four days, Guardians of the Galaxy will be debuting in the US. Many theaters will be giving away free Guardians merch with purchase of a ticket. Make sure you don't miss out on any freebies at your theater. Here they are:

  • Regal Cinemas will be selling exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirts for $20. With the purchase of a t-shirt, you will get a free large popcorn (not a bad deal considering how expensive popcorn is). Each participating theater will only have 50 t-shirts, so get it while supplies last.
  • AMC Theaters will be giving away Guardians of the Galaxy pins on opening weekend when you purchase a ticket and show them your 'AMC Stubs' card.
  • Those who see Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX on opening night (Thursday) will receive a free limited edition Guardians poster. There are usually posters left over after opening night so try to snag them on Friday as well!

If you know of any other theaters with Guardians of the Galaxy exclusives, send us a line on Twitter @GuardGalaxy or e-mail us at clogan@guardthegalaxy.com.

Marvel Officially Announces GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2, To Be Released July 2017


Every year at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios takes Hall H by storm by announcing a few of their upcoming films. This year was no different. Marvel officially announced Guardians of the Galaxy 2! The film will be written and directed by James Gunn, and will be released on July 28th, 2017. Most of the original cast is expected to return, as well as new cast members! Stay tuned for more information!

Here's the logo shown at SDCC:


REVIEWS: Critics Everywhere Are Falling In Love With The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Guardians of the Galaxy is currently at a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics everywhere are raving. It's official...the film is great! Check out the reviews below!


"A well-matched ensemble rises to the challenge of launching a heroic origin film with distinctive style, abundant thrills and no shortage of humor."
Justin Lowe, THR

"James Gunn's old-school romp in the far reaches of the universe owes more to Joss Whedon's “Firefly” than to his “Avengers,” blending action, thrills, and humor with skill."
James Rocchi, The Wrap

"A motley crew of mercenaries and mutants are the galaxy's last best hope in Marvel's gently subversive superhero sendup."
Scott Foundas, Variety

"Possibly one of the funniest (and strangest) Marvel movies yet, James Gunn and his cast deliver an infinitely entertaining space opera that's really something quite special. J.J. Abrams' "Star Wars" movie now has even more to live up to."
Edward Douglas, ComingSoon

"If you thought Avengers Assemble was the ultimate comic book hero mash-up, wait ’til you get a load of this."
David Edwards, Mirror

"At its core, Guardians is a fleet-footed throwback to the action-adventure movies of yesteryear. Remember when big-screen entertainment wasn't so serious and just really good fun?"
Simon Reynolds, Digital Spy

PICS: The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Cast Walk The "Blue" Carpet For The Film's London Premiere

On Thursday, July 24th, 2014, Marvel held the Guardians of the Galaxy UK premiere in London. Among the many stars on the red carpet were Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Vin Diesel (on stilts), Mark Hamill, and Chris Hemsworth. Director James Gunn was also spotted with Oreo, the raccoon used as the model for Rocket Raccoon. Check out images from the premiere below. (via Mirror)

Matt Ferguson Brings Us Five Gorgeously Illustrated GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Posters

Artist extraordinaire Matt Ferguson was commissioned by Marvel to create five illustrated posters based off of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film. The posters themselves are amazing to look at, each one focusing on one character. Check them out below!

Latest GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Featurette Focuses On Relationship Between Gamora And Nebula

If you are like us, you're probably tired of seeing clips from Guardians of the Galaxy and are just ready to watch the film already. However, that probably isn't stopping you from watching the clips (since they're so good). Here's another video which features new footage, this time of Gamora and Nebula. I think this features the first line of dialogue we've heard from Nebula so far. Check it out below! 

ESPN Teams With Marvel For Three Humorous GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Segments

ESPN has just released three humorous videos on YouTube which feature the "head of ESPN security" telling his team about the Guardians of the Galaxy, who are supposedly the "new security team." The segments are pretty funny, but don't expect much new footage. In any case, it's still a bit strange seeing our favorite Guardians pop up on every network known to man. Check out the videos below!

Get This Poster By Seeing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY In IMAX On Thursday

As many of you may know, when movie-goers see Marvel movies in IMAX on opening night, they receive an exclusive poster for the film. Guardians of the Galaxy is no exception. Theaters will be giving away an exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy poster (pictured below) for impatient fans who see it on Thursday night, July 31st in IMAX. For those who will be viewing the movie on Thursday, please tweet your pictures to @GuardGalaxy on Twitter. We will be retweeting the best pictures!

Listen To Our Exclusive Alternate Version Of The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Soundtrack (aka Awesome Mix)

The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack (aka Awesome Mix Vol. 1) will be released on July 29th, but some of us have been listening non-stop to the songs already. We thought it would be cool to make a playlist with alternate versions of each song and embed it on the site. Some songs you may like better, some you may hate, but either way, check them out below!

Awesome Mix Vol. 1 (Alternate Versions) by Guard The Galaxy on Grooveshark


Disney has just released promotional images and a promotional video for their video game Disney Infinity, which focuses on the addition of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters to the game. (Source: StitchKingdom)

Hit the jump for more images from the game!


Marvel Belgium and Yahoo! have released two more hilarious clips from Guardians of the Galaxy. If you are avoiding spoilers from the movie, by all means, don't watch these. Those who wish to be spoiled, however, knock yourselves out (not literally, Drax).

The Fabrikation Figure Of Rocket Raccoon (From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) Is Adorably Deadly

Funko, the company that creates the ever popular POP! bobbleheads, has just announced a Rocket Raccoon figure for their new 'Fabrikations' line. These figures look similar to the POP! figures (with big heads and small bodies) but have one major difference: they are cuddly! There is sure to be a LOT of Galaxians scooping this figure up!

The plush figure is set to be released on October 2014. We will post a link to the Amazon preorder as soon as it is made available! Stay tuned to GuardTheGalaxy for further updates!