James Gunn talks 'Guardians' Working Title + 3D

Director James Gunn took to his Formspring yesterday to dish out a few tidbits on Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • The film's working title is Full Tilt and the production company has been named Infinity Works Productions UK Limited. Does this mean that the Infinity Gems will play a role in the film? Hmmmm...
  • The film will be post-converted to 3D. This is not really surprising since Marvel Studios has been doing this will all of their films. 
  • James Gunn is not annoyed with his new found Marvel fame. When asked about it, he said...
"I'm grateful for it! People don't understand I am a HUGE MARVEL GEEK. I love Marvel comics and have read them since I was four years old. I have never stopped. I have read at least one comic almost every day of my life! I feel a part of the Marvel universe and its characters. I feel lucky to be entrusted with helping to create a whole new section of the Marvel cinematic universe - not just one planet or society but MANY. There is no part of me that doesn't appreciate people's excitement for the possibilities Guardians represent - there is no one more excited than I am. I could go on and on and on... Shooting is just a few weeks out and I'm more pumped than ever."

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