UPDATED: Guardians of the Galaxy films on London's Millennium Bridge

UPDATE 3: A couple more pics from EntertainmentWise.com feature upclose shots of Nova Corps.

UPDATE 2: We've got a couple more photos, courtesy of Hope72 on Tumblr, with one that features Nova Corps Guards!!! 

UPDATE : We've got some awesome up-close pictures of the alien extras on the bridge, thanks to ContactMusic.com. Check them out after the jump!

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Today, Guardians of the Galaxy fans are getting their first look at a scene from the film. The filming for the scene takes place on the Millennium Bridge in London. It is unclear if this scene will be taking place on Earth or if the bridge will double for an "extraterrestrial bridge," but it seems like it will be part of an action sequence. A few Londonites (is that a word?) have been taking to Twitter to post pictures and video from the set of the film. We've even got our first look at some extras, playing aliens in the film. They seem very colorful indeed (or colourful, this does take place in London, after all). Stay tuned for more pictures as we find them. Maybe we might even get a look at some of the main cast members in their costumes?!? For now, check out the pictures and video after the jump!

Aliens and Nova Corps Guard
The Simpsons?

Pink Alien

Photo of Alien Extras
by deanlaccohee
Check out the video here, which features alien extras running for their lives.

Film Crew on Millennium Bridge
by deanlaccohee
Helicopter filming above London

Pretty exciting stuff, huh? Makes me wish that I lived in London. I'd probably be up at the bridge, taking pictures like everyone else. Where do you think the scene they are filming could take place? On Xandar, possibly, during it's destruction? On Earth? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think!


  1. This has got to be the destruction of Xandar, since the Nova Corps guards are there.

  2. Awesome scoop. I was in London last week and went to the Millennium bridge. I wish I had stayed.