Cool Stuff: Fan Art and Annihilation Conquest original artwork!

Goofing off this morning I found a ton of great Star-Lord art, and even some art from the artists from Annihilation: Conquest! Hit the jump to check out the rest of the art and links to the artists pages! 

Source: Marc Laming
Source: Carlo Pagulayan
Source: Steven Sanchez                                                      Source: Ryoh15

And now on to the /really/ juicy stuff. Tom Raney was the penciler for Annihilation: Conquest. Below are some of the original art he did for the series and a link to his DeviantArt. 

Souce: Tom Raney

I highly suggest you go out and check out Tom's DA page. There's many other pages from Annihilation: Conquest and many other sketches, Marvel and otherwise. Well worth the looks to find neat little gems. Did you find your favorite Annihilation: Conquest page? It's been years since first reading these books, and the art still gives me chills! 


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