Michael Rooker talks Guardians of the Galaxy

Posted by: Cameron Logan
Recently, Michael Rooker (Yondu) took over Valhalla Entertainment's Twitter page and answered fans' questions. Although he mostly ignored Guardians of the Galaxy questions, he did give out a couple of tidbits.

*When asked what movie he would like to do after Guardians of the Galaxy, Rooker answered, "Another Guardians. Duh."

*Rooker said that it takes "about an hour and a half and two more days to make sure" his blue body paint (for the role of Yondu) is all off.

*While talking about joining the Marvel universe, Rooker jokingly said, "I'm in a Marvel movie and its paying my mortgage right now. Love Marvel. Sh*tYes!!!!!!"

*Rooker first heard about Guardian of the Galaxy from director James Gunn.

*When confusingly asked if he had spent any time with Yondu before playing the character, Rooker joked, "Yeah I visited Yondu. We had a couple pints in London".

*When asked if he had to learn a new skill for Guardians of the Galaxy, Rooker joked, "No, I showed them a few."

*Apparently, Rooker is still filming scenes for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Michael Rooker seems like a really laid-back, down to earth fellow. It was fun reading all of his tweets, and he even responded to one of ours. Thanks for reading. Feel free to drop a comment below and let us know what you think.


  1. Not much new info, but I'll take all the info I can get right now.


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