EDITORIAL: Our Favorite Guardians of the Galaxy Covers

There have been many great artists who have had artwork grace the cover of a Guardians of the Galaxy comic. With volume three of the comic, we have been treated with a swarm of variant covers by very talented artists, including Adi Granov, Paolo Rivera, and Skottie Young (to name a few). I asked a couple of my fellow Galaxians what their favorite Guardians of the Galaxy cover was and asked them to write a paragraph as well.

After the jump, check out our three picks, and make sure to drop a comment telling us what your favorite Guardians of the Galaxy cover is!

Guardians of the Galaxy #5 (v3) (Terry Dodson Variant)

Lokein Lyesmith 
"My favorite cover is the Guardians of the Galaxy #5 (Terry Dodson Variant). This was a tough call for me, but I settled on this one for two reasons. I am absolutely in love with Gamora's new outfit; the full body armor is functional and attractive, proving that comic book women can be full-covered, realistic as possible, and still be sexy. On the polar opposite there, you have the scantly-clad warrior angel from another dimension, Angela. I've been a fan of the character and her creator Neil Gaiman since I was a kid. Seeing her back on the page, owned by Marvel, and in my favorite comic, makes me a very happy little fanboy. I feel, being fantasy, there is a place for characters like this, if done well and with tact and class. This cover combines the old with the new and ushers us towards an exciting, if unknown, future."

Guardians of the Galaxy #2 (v3) (Paolo Rivera Variant)

Leo Wyld 
"So, I was asked to picked my favorite Guardians of the Galaxy cover.  Not easy. Volumes 2 and 3 have had a lot of great covers, and even more great variant covers.  Many of those have featured my favorite hero, in numerous different styles. I have a shirt with the iced shield and Rocket cover from Issue 2 of Volume 2.  Skottie Young's variants for Issues 1 and 7 of Volume 3 are both awesome. Issue 2 of Volume 3 had a Joe Q variant that was used for a certain collectible I've mentioned often in the past. But for this, I chose another variant from that issue.  The Paolo Rivera Variant for Guardians of the Galaxy # 2 (v3). I don't know if I'd say it is definitively my absolute favorite Guardians cover, but it is one of them.  I just thought the overall concept of the image was impressive and striking when I first saw it posted on Rocket Raccoon Times many months ago. Really, though, with the many artists who have been given a shot at drawing Rocket on variant covers, I think is one of the better interpretations of the guy. I think the other characters are also drawn quite well."

Guardians of the Galaxy #19 (v2) by Alex Garner

Cameron Logan 
"My favorite cover is Guardians of the Galaxy #19 (v2). The issue came out in 2009 and it was illustrated by Alex Garner. I like the cover because it features three of my favorite Guardians, who often are overlooked: Bug, Mantis, and Cosmo. They are probably not even known by many newer fans of GotG, but fans who have read volume 2 of the comics know them well. I am hoping to see all three join the team in volume 3, as well as show up in the movies. Also, the illustration is beautiful, as well as the coloring. Plus, Kang is an awesome old school Marvel villain. You can't beat it."

That's all! Drop us a comment and let us know what your favorite Guardians of the Galaxy cover is!


  1. Three great picks. I would have to go with Rocket, Groot and the Cap shield. Can't remember which issue it is. I think GOTG vol 2 #2.

  2. I really like Volume 2 Issue 9. It's just of Star-Lord but its such an awesome cover. I really like that Paolo Rivera variant above too. The Volume 2 Issue 1 cover is pretty sweet. With Star-Lord diving right at ya.

    1. P.S. I just spent close to $70 on Vol 2 GOTG comics on Ebay. I got Issues 1-10 and 12, 15, 21. I'll complete the collection as I go. Note: Issue 1 is the 2nd printing variant cover. The 1st printing #1 is crazy expensive right now. These 2008 comics are super hard to find too. I went to 3 different comic shops and all anybody had was the new issues or the golden age issues.


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