Lyesmith's GotG #7 Review - Warning: Spoilers - All of them

Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite comic out right now, for a number of reasons. Love or hate Bendis, he's on a mission; to give a comic that ties into Infinity, but also prepares new and old readers alike for the upcoming movie based on this title. Are the characters exactly like the movie? No, yet neither are they exactly like we've seen before. This title also introduces Angela, formerly of Image Comics, and her return to the comic book page. I love her dynamic with the team and the possibilities she presents if she stays in the title, and as future story arc ads suggest, she does.

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This issue also touches on a sensitive subject; Rocket Raccoon and his status as raccoon or alien. Now, we don't get a lot of info on this, but we do get a snip-it. A crumb. A tiny iota of information to chew on while we anticipate where Marvel is taking this character for the future. Check this out.

So still yet, no definitive answer on him being a raccoon or not, but it's a step. Check out The Raccoonatic's editorial - Retcon Alert for a full report on the issue and speculations on where this character might end up.

As for the rest of this comic, we get some back story on Angela, who FINALLY speaks out-loud. Some cute back and forth between Tony and Peter, with lots more glowering and glaring from Gamora! After hearing Angela's story about experiencing the same time-space break-event that Peter did, Peter lets her go to Earth to see it for herself. Gamora is /not/ okay with this. She doesn't trust Angela and doesn't understand why Peter does. Having only heard stories about the place (Her Spawn history wiped? This Angela is a completely new Angela? Hmmm. Not sure how I feel about that.) -

 - She finds herself bewildered and a bit sad at what she finds. Peter explains the problem to everyone, and Tony admits to knowing the issue and what caused it. The Guardians follow Angela to Earth; Peter and Tony approaching her to gauge her reaction at what she finds. Peter gives her a communication device, telling her to reach him anytime she needs. She replies that she hasn't gotten him anything, and while Peter assures her it's not necessary, she, insisting on returning the favor, flies off. Odd... But as she disappears, Peter asks Tony if he's worried that Angela isn't the only surprise from the time-space event. Tony says yes, he is, but wouldn't it be nice if she was the worst of it? And we get a shot of numerous large and dangerous-looking alien ships headed to Earth.

As with the other issues, this one goes quickly, very fast-paced, so it feels like you don't get much information. But we got Angela talking, a piece of Rocket info, foreboding alien invasion, and we didn't have to wait more than month to see it! I'm calling this a win, guys! Haha I find myself grinning and laughing at loud at these issues. I'm probably going to read this several more times today before it gets put away.

What do you guys think? Is the issue as much fun as I thought it was, or am I on some kind of GotG contact high? Is Angela staying a good thing or a bad thing? Can we discern /anything/ from the information we've gotten about Rocket in this issue? Are Gamora and Angela too much sexy for one issue to hold? Drop us a comment and let us know!


  1. Clever dialogue was definitely the star of this issue, and I was certainly ok with that. A very entertaining read! And, yes, the question of Rocket is still out there, but that particular panel does lean more towards his traditional origin. Dare we hope that Marvel's Editor-In-Chief somehow misunderstood my question at NYCC? Only time will tell, I guess.

    1. Also now we have a new costume for Rocket to try to get into Marvel Heroes. Heh.

  2. Gamora is Pete's best friend? I thought it was Richard Ri-...oh... :'(

    1. Heh. And poor Rocket. I thought he would've been Pete's best friend aside from the other RR. C'mon, that's one of the great comic bromances, up there, almost, with Simon Williams and Hank McCoy. (Although I get the feeling when Rocket said "I thought I was your best friend", Groot's response was the same.)

  3. The Angela dilemma also kind of annoyed me. I mean. she attacked Spawn several times on earth, so this "only stories" thing doesn't bode well.

    That aside, I wonder where in Infinity are the Guardians going to fit? Was that Thanos and his Cull Obsidian Fleet? My guess is that they'll stand for Earth. It would make little sense if they went to battle the Builders.


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