Marvel Heroes - Rocket Raccoon Finally Gets A New Costume

But it's not the one I really wanted (Timely Inc. mailroom).  The new costume is his current space costume from Guardians of the Galaxy v3. It's also not one of the ones I mentioned specifically in my costume-themed installment of *sigh* Flarkin' Awesome.

Like with his Guardians NOW costume, they haven't really gotten the look of his chest armor quite right. Overall, though, good design.  Have not had the opportunity to buy it myself (was just released today), but hopefully soon.  It is purchasable with 950 G's, which are bought with real money (You can buy 1000 G's for 10 dollars).  It is also possible to get any costume as a very rare drop and costumes for the hero you are playing are far more likely to drop (and I only play Rocket), so maybe I'll get it that way.

Bittersweet for me, though, because I had really wanted that Timely Inc. mailroom costume. And, with it having taken four months for Rocket to get his first new costume, even if Gazillion got permission from Marvel today for Timely, we'd likely not see it for several months (Rocket's presumably is just not popular enough right now for Gazillion to donate a lot of resources to him).

What do you think about the new costume or Marvel Heroes in general? Drop a comment below and let us know!


  1. Just a follow-up FYI, they were having some issues with the store, so Rocket's new costume has been removed temporarily while those issues are resolved. Gazillion usually pretty quick about fixing such things, so I don't think it will be too long.

    1. I like the new costume. It's kind of cool.

    2. It is pretty cool. I can't decide whether to buy it or wait for it to drop. I've had all of Rocket costumes for a while and I don't care about costumes for other heroes, so it might be nice to have a costume drop to look forward to.

    3. I want to see this costume...

    4. That one has been asked for a bit on the MH forums, as well. So, I think it is a possibility (ultimately Gazillion and then Marvel has the finally say on approval)

  2. Not a huge fan of Bendis's run with the team, so I would have rather seen a different outfit.


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