News & Stuff From NYCC From My Friend Onoroian

One of the members of the D'ast Raccoonatics, Onoroian, just happened to get a late pass to attend NYCC.  There was a topic about said convention in which the OP expressed an interest in acquiring one of those exclusive Rocket Raccoon plushie.  I, of course, had to reply and mention that I, also, wanted one very much. I had a couple people in the topic say they would try to get me one, but, a couple nights ago, out of the blue, Onoroian, who had not previously posted in that topic, said he was in line to buy me one!  I was just so excited (and a bit worried that they would sell out, because he said the line was very long).  About a couple hours later, he posted the panel from War of Kings with Rocket saying "Say hello to my little friend.", and under that, he had typed "Success!"

It was such an amazing thing for him to do and I was not expecting it, he is even sending me the Skottie Young print, too.

And another pic, of the sketch

If you happen to read this, Onoroian, feel free to introduce yourself in Comments. You deserve to be recognized for this awesome act.

Update: I originally typed this up during NYCC. Since I did, Onoroian has shipped me the plushie and litho and sent me the tracking number. I will have them by the end of the day on Friday, October 17th (tomorrow)

In Other Guardians News

Onoroian did not spend his entire time in NYCC waiting in line.  He also got to meet and chat with Marvel Heroes personality and Gazillion employee Doomsaw.  Doomsaw answered some of my friend's questions.  One of those was whether we would see any more Guardians as playable for Marvel Heroes.  Doomsaw confirmed two other Guardians are currently planned.  He would only confirm one, Peter Quill aka Starlord.  No big surprise there, with the Guardians movie coming up.  It is very nice to know we will see Starlord as playable and I would guess before the movie on August 1, but no timeframe was given by Doomsaw.


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