Rocket Raccoon in New Marvel NYCC Video

This video is a promotion for the Rocket Raccoon plush that will be sold at NYCC. The most interesting thing about this video is that Rocket once again doesn't have his Cockey accent. With the casting of Bradley Cooper, I am guessing that Marvel has gotten rid of the Cockney accent altogether. This video just reinforces that theory. It's a fun video, however. Check it out and drop a comment below!


  1. The video was awesome! But it does kinda further support that Marvel has made a conscious decision to drop Rocket's accent. And that is not so great because Steve Blum did such a great job on Marvel Heroes, and now he's gonna permanently sound out of sync with future version of the character.

    1. I loved this too. And it kinda made me sad at first, not hearing the accent, but I think it could work. I think I can see Cooper more in this role now.

  2. Breaking news, in regards to Accentgate, I asked Agent M about whether Marvel has made a conscious decision to drop Rocket's Cockney accent and he replied, essentially confirming that they have dropped it. (And implying he will not have it in the movie). I retweeted what Agent M said, Cameron.


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