Editorial: The Correct Interpretation of Guardians of the Galaxy 11 Animal Variant

I have an image to show you that may be disturbing to some of our Raccoonatic visitors.  This, brace yourself, is an official variant for Guardians of the Galaxy Issue 11 that is part of an animal set of variants across Marvel.

All the Guardians in this proposed alternate universe are raccoons, except for one.  Do not fret, Rocket fans, it is not what it seems... (read more...)

There may be news sites that interpret that man in Rocket's current costume to be Rocket himself, but worry not, there are not names here.  I propose to you, my Raccoonatics, the true, and far less disturbing, explanation of this alternate universe (which we will designate 61976, after the month and year Rocket was created).

Rocket Raccoon is an awesome hero, but not just because he is a raccoon, no.  He is a funny, badass with superhuman cunning and one of the galaxy's best arsenals.  Unfortunately, in the 616, not many other people take him seriously, and so he has not much choice but to remain allied with his fellow misfit friends in the deep space fringe supergroup Guardians of the Galaxy.  In the anthro raccoon dominated 61976 universe, however, Rocket's being a raccoon is not disrespected and the other stuff ,that makes him the most awesome hero there is, becomes recognized.  He becomes well-respected and known on many planets, not the least of which is Earth, where he becomes the premier superhero because of his awesomeness, becoming more popular and beloved to the people of Earth than the 61976's Avengers or Fantastic Four.  With this surge of popularity he has outgrown his deep space Guardians of the Galaxy team and has taken on a role of commanding various super teams from his orbital space station/palace through his supreme tactical genius.  He bids a fond farewell to his longtime friends and comrades and hands off his costume and Guardians tactical position to a slave from some outlying alien world (a member of a race called humans).

Do not worry, through high tech communication and teleportation, 61976 Rocket still stays in contact with his former Guardians teammates and still finds time, between crimefighting, to hang out in seedy space bars with his best buds raccoon Groot and raccoon Peter Quill.

That is the Raccoonatic Commander's official interpretation of this universe-creating variant cover. And if you do not accept that story, too flarkin' bad.

Oh, and a bonus image from the 61976, of Rocket before he left the Guardians team. (This one is a piece of fan art that I saw on Twitter first, and I later posted to a topic on MH forums, it is the earlier pic on the page, yellow background)

Update: It has just been pointed out to me that the human may be Logan.  So, that will be my ruling.  The human is 61976 Logan. Still from a different planet, he is a human, after all.  But we will simply say that the Weapon X program on Earth 61976 was involved in space exploration as well and found and captured Logan to make him a weapon.


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