Fan Art-Palooza 2: Return of the Fan Art - plus new movie banner art!

(Gamora sketch art from Marciotakara)
Hello, my fellow Galaxians! I was once again perusing for fan art when I came across too much awesome not to share with you. 
If you have any fan art you'd like to share with us, feel free to speak up. We'd love to post your stuff! Professional quality, or Mom's-Fridge quality, we want to share your art. 

Also, I stumbled across a picture taken in Brazil from a theater showing Thor: The Dark World of a new banner for Guardians of the Galaxy!

Hit the jump for more amazing fan art and the banner! 

Gamora by Stefanoscuccimarra                                                         Rocket by Honez                  

Rocket and Groot by Richardcox                     Rocket, Groot, and Angela by Zecarlos   

And finally... what you've all been waiting for... THE BANNER!

New concept art of our Guardians, Star-Lord holding "the orb", are you getting chills? I've got goosebumps! Is it August 2014 yet?!?!


  1. Some great art! And that banner is awesome.

  2. James Gunn posted on his Twitter page a few hours ago saying that the movie banner was just some fan-art and not official. If I'm totally honest, I'm not entirely sure that I believe him. It looks WAY too close to what we've seen so far for me to easily believe it isn't official, and if it is just fan-art then Marvel seriously need to hire that guy.

    Also, I live in Ireland and we got Thor: The Dark World a few days ago. There's something in the film I was thinking about contacting you guys with, but it could be considered spoilerish (actually, it's a massive spoiler), so I just wanted to check if you guys wanted to hear it before sending it or if you would rather wait and see it for yourselves. Interested?

    1. It may be a deal where it was released a few times, and then the Head Haunchos went "Whoa! Don't do that!" so now James is saying it's unofficial. Maybe. Who knows? But you're right, it looks WAY too close to the previous concept art not to be legit.

      Go ahead and email me, and depending on what exactly it is, we may wait until at least premiere here to talk about it on the site. Thanks for the heads up!

    2. Cool, cheers. I shall send the message now.


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