Leo Wyld's Flarkin' Awesome Giveaway, The Winner

Cosmic greetings, again, Marvelites, Galaxians, and, of course, Raccoonatics, this is your Raccoonatic Commander and it is my pleasure to present to you the winners of the Flarkin' Awesome Giveaway...

First, the winner of the grand prize, the code to redeem for 2100 G's...


Congratulations! I will send you the code by message on the Marvel Heroes forums.  If you would like to let us know if you have any specific plans for the points, please feel free to share.

Now, after the page break, I will start listing the winners of the numerous artifacts I am giving away (Thank you to the donors who provided me with these prizes, I only threw in a couple myself). I will message the winners of these, as well, and try to hand out the artifacts in game today as promptly as possible.

Artifact Winners

(I will try to put a few of you at a time on my Friends list to see when you log, or you can contact me, when you get time, more winners to be listed... this ain't easy)

noahthecaptain - Xerogen Crystal
Drazhar - Extremis Serum B
adrasto - Scrolls of Watoomb
unknownking - Fearsome Fist of Farallah
GrevenRache - Advanced Vita-Ray Projector
vikram - Amulet of Quiox
Xevren - Edge of Infinity
Duganson - Oculus Oroboros
Kyosokun - Power Prism Shard
goyanks - Advanced Crimson Crystal of Cyttorak
RNGesus - Nutso the Squirrel (This one is a donation from the Raccoonatic Captain DarkBeast)
IAMTHEMOON - Advanced Skrull Targeting Computer
Jadewolf - Fearsome Fist of Farallah
TeejayMac - Moonstone Shard
FreshJB - Darkhold Scroll
KelpPlankton - Advanced Skrull Targeting Computer
Rodsteen - Amulet of Agamotto
Nikmis - A.I.M. Robot Dispenser
Uruno - Xerogen Crystal
TheBestSpiderman - Serum of Seraphim
PowderedIocane - Advanced Wundagore Clay
Iceddemon - Tome of Oshtur
Leloric - Squirrel Distress Call
JBOKU - Advanced Kree Hyper-Optics
Extocus - Advanced Vita-Ray Projector
jonathanyts - Hellfang of Zarathos
UnderpantsGnome - Extremis Serum B
Valeriano - Raptor Stone
asteroidjawa - Ivory Idol of Ikonn
XXXAmaranthXXX - Advanced Netharanium Jewel
Bayloc - Advanced Netheranium Jewel (not an error, these two happened to be side-by-side in my STASH)
Hardknox - Xerogen Crystal
DarkflareOmni - Midtown Patrol Badge
Tzeentch - Power Prism Shard
Chrismoke - Wundagore Clay
Zeron - Embers of Balthakk (Visual)
Sageofsixpaths - Flames of Zarathos (Visual)
morbes - Extremis Serum B
DoodleX - Fearsome Fist of Farallah
NotoriousBIZ - Advanced H.A.M.M.E.R. Ordinance
Silvarian - Idol of Khonshu
FrodoFraggins - Tome of Oshtur
Uniclonus - Advanced Hellfang of Zarathos
fritzvonerik - Oculus Oroboros
DurynModinen - Metasensory Array
Chachy - Wicked Wand of Watoomb
IceyOne - Chthonic Idol
Fluffywalrus - Plandanium Graft
Brewe - Cybernetic Implant
captainzolzonzu - Phoenix Feather
wizdumb - Advanced H.A.M.M.E.R. Ordinance
Nephs - Advanced Metasensory Array
Shiroi - Fearsome Fist of Farallah
bbtrpt - Power Prism Shard
Texaclese - Advanced H.A.M.M.E.R. Ordinance
Neomonk - Beta Barticle Mini-Reactor
Jaffafox - Idol of Khonshu
Dendallin - Advanced Netheranium Jewel
lesliesfbay - Metasensory Array
Gligorr - Pym Shrinking Serum (You are now the envy of many Raccoonatics)
JokerZingX - Advanced Starstone Tooth
ReverseCowboy - Advanced Crimson Crystal of Cyttorak
Obiyoyo - Xerogen Crystal
Meataxe - Advanced Phoenix Feather
jagrattlehead - Ziggurat of Kargul

**And That Concludes of Winners for the Flarkin' Awesome Giveaway, Thank You to All Who Participated and, Until Next Time, See ya 'Round the Raccooniverse **


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