Slight Spoilers! FCDB mystery character revealed!

Could it be Cable, whom would fit all-too-well in that silhouette, but would make NO sense whatsoever in Guardians? Could it be, as Charles Lee suggested, Nebula in LOTS of body armor? 
Hit the jump to find out who the shadowy figure on this cover is!

Dun dun dun dunnnn!
(Okay, maybe that isn't as big of a surprise to some of you.)

After Leo mentioned the possibility of it being Venom to me, it really wasn't that far of a jump. I should've guessed it, but my head just didn't go there for some reason. But this totally makes sense. And has the potential for some really great story. 

What do you think, Galaxians? Is this a good move? Do you like the idea of visiting the symbiote planet? Is tying the Guardians to yet more earth-based characters just getting further away from the cosmic-related stories so many of us long to see for this re-vamped team? Do you think Captain Marvel and Agent Venom will stick around longer a story arc, or are they just honorary members? Let us know!


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