Zoe Saldana talks to MTV about GotG

Zoe Saldana, GotG's Gamora, sits down with MTV to discuss Guardians of the Galaxy - and she had some pretty good things to say. Hit the jump to see the video.

Zoe seems genuinely excited about the movie, her fellow cast members, and the director James Gunn. During this lull in information coming out of the GotG camp, it's nice to see the cast talk about the movie and keep us interested. What about you, Galaxians? Does this video whet your appetite for Guardians news? Do you think the way Zoe describes the movie is a good thing, or would you take it in another direction?


  1. I want a Bradley Cooper interview!

    1. That's the truth! Can't wait for that one. I'd love for him to drop /any/ info on his version of Rocket.

  2. "This video is not available from your location." Bane of my goddamn existence!

  3. Hey kids...here's Chris Pratt talking a bit about his workout routine (...after the "Delivery Man" promo...)

  4. She seems quite hype about the movie. Cool! When I met Michael Rooker (the week after SDCC), he had the same kind of vibe about him. This should be great.


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