Bradley Cooper talks GOTG and Rocket's Accent was able to ask Bradley Cooper about his role with Rocket, what made him take the role, and Rocket's accent! Hit the jump for the video!

I was so hoping for something from Cooper, telling us what voice he decided to go with, but it is hopeful that it was at least a discussion; they're acknowledging the fact that Rocket has had a certain kind of accent. So even if they decide to take the character in another direction, for whatever reason, at least they're considering the source material and the original way Rocket's been portrayed.

Every time I hear someone talk about Chris Pratt's performance, it makes me twice as excited to see it.

Galaxians! Would you be okay if Rocket had a "city" accent? He says that, and I immediately think, tough-guy New Yorker or something. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!


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