Hello, Galaxians! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to a wonderful New Year's celebration tonight. This holiday season has kicked my butt, so here's a quick update of what's been going on this past week or so while I've been juggling family, presents, and new pets!

First and foremost, Brian Michael Bendis shared these awesome pictures of The Guardians on his Tumblr as part of his "2014 in comics" preview. Hit the jump for the rest of the update!

On the heel of being named one of the most anticipated movies of 2014 across multiple websites (#2 on ScreenRant ) we also get an interview from Empire magazine. (Source: NerdBastards )

Director James Gunn and Star-Lord Chris Pratt have a couple of things to say about their upcoming Marvel-Cinematic-Universe-Movie Guardians of the Galaxy.

The pair recently talked with Empire and when asked about where this movie fits into the Marvel Movie Universe he had this to say:

Maybe it’s a risk, I dunno, I think every movie Marvel’s made has been a risk and they’re risks that pay off really big. So I hope for the movie’s sake, and my sake, that this one pays off. The story’s really good and Marvel really knows what they’re doing.

Pratt went on to discuss the overall tone of the movie:

It’s not as broad as Galaxy Quest but it’s not a straightforward space fantasy like Star Wars. I think it’s the sort of the best of both of those films put together…and more!

Gunn then stepped in and described what the police lineup scene below is all about:

Our characters are basically all villains to begin with. They don’t believe they’re individually good and they don’t believe each other is good, and through the course of the movie they discover they’re heroes. If The Avengers are The Beatles, these guys are The Rolling Stones.

Peter Quill (Future Star-Lord played by Chris Pratt) is thrown in jail. He then meets the rest of the group and together they plan an escape and:

Go after a treasure that they all want for different reasons.


So, no big news, but nice to see them getting some press and seeing the name out there. That's always a good thing. 

Here's looking forward to an amazing 2014 and even more Guardians of the Galaxy goodness!


  1. "If The Avengers are The Beatles, these guys are The Rolling Stones." love that line and continue to get psyched! Bet they release that trailer soon...the leaked versions aren't getting ripped down so quick now...


    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Are they changing Star-lord's costume again? I like the new look, but it will take awhile to get used to.


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