Cosmo Tuesday Poll Results: 1/21/14

The poll results are in! The question was 'Would you regularly watch an animated GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY show?' And the winning answer is...


I don't know what else we thought the results would be, but 80% unsurprisingly said they would watch anything Guardians of the Galaxy related. 20% were a little pickier, and decided "if it's good, we'll watch it."

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll!

Tomorrow sees the release of All-New X-Men #22, which will be the first issue of the Marvel crossover event 'The Trial of Jean Grey', featuring our very own Guardians of the Galaxy. In celebration of this event, we want to know...

This week's poll:
'Are you excited about the GOTG/X-Men crossover event?'


  1. I think Bendis is doing better at All-New X-men than GOTG.

    1. I agree. I think Guardians of the Galaxy would be better if Marvel didn't try to shoehorn in other characters (Iron Man, Angela, Venom, Captain Marvel) and would just focus on the Guardians.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Strongly agreed. Dan Lanning and Andy Abbnett are what made the modern era GOTG great. Bendis,Loeb & Co. are better off with the more mainstream superhero stuff. Love the art but not the terrible writing treatment. The new GOTG cartoon looks decent. Star-Lord is wearing a variation of both the DnA red and blue uniform and McNiven's modern take on the Classic Star-Lord uniform. It was great seeing them in A:EMH, especially Rocket. Truly did the DnA work proud. If this new cartoon is close to that and not the Bendis stuff then I'd be okay. Hope to see Richard Rider Nova but doubtful. Not much of a fan with this new "Kid Nova" flying around claiming to be "Nova", lol.

  2. Well, does the crossover include the Guardians? Why, yes, it does. Therefor, I am, of course, excited.

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