GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Toys at London Toy Fair 2014

Right now, Toy Fair 2014 is going on in London. For those who don't know, the toy fair is a giant convention, where many companies look for upcoming products to sell in their stores. With GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY coming out in August, we expect there to be a few pieces of information/pictures of GotG merchandise premiering at this show. We will be updating this post over the next two days with any information we can get our hands on. Check out what we've got so far:

  • The official Toy Fair Twitter page recently tweeted: "LEGO announces three exclusive Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy play-sets scheduled for release June 1st 2014" while Brick Fanatics had this to say: "3 Guardians of the Galaxy sets. 76021, 76019, 76020. Only licensees could see these. Luckily Disney were on a tour behind us and I caught a glimpse of a brick-built Groot and a giant blue and yellow ship." Sounds cool, right? Looks like we'll be getting the sets two months before the film's release. Here's a previously released pic from the LEGO catalog:

That's all, so far. Keep checking the site for more updates over the next couple of days, and if you hear of anything Guardians-related, let us know by dropping a comment below or e-mailing


  1. Cool! Not sure if any of the 3 sets include a Nova Corps figure so we'll see. Yes, we aware that the Nova Corps in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film are more like Mega City Judges and the cosmic version of SHIELD. Still, hoping for a Richard Rider as Nova cameo for the film or for future Marvel Cosmic films!

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