Guardians of the Galaxy/All-New X-Men Crossover Covers Update

Hello, my fellow Galaxians! I thought it was time to update on the Guardians of the Galaxy/All-New X-Men cross over - Trail of Jean Grey - covers. As you may remember from a previous post, Dale Keown has been pairing off our heroes, splitting the teams up for their own pin-up style covers.

Hit the break to see what we've got so far!

It's Rocket in his old costume! And both teams attacking Gladiator! I wasn't sure it was possible to throw so much awesome into one cover.

Here's a great spread that Bendis shared on his Tumblr of both the teams done by artist Stuart Immonen. I love the expressions and body language in this page. Say what you want, I know I'm a minority, but I love both these books. I have become such a Bendis fan over the last year. I'm really, really excited for this crossover. 

Okay, enough of the group stuff, on to the covers you hit the break for!

So we've seen Rocket and Beast. Cool shot of them both, reminiscent of the Rocket/Groot shots we love so much.

Iceman and Drax, what a fun cover! Gotta love Bobby's facial expression there. His attempt at knives is clearly an attempt to bond with the gruff and terse Drax. And miserably failed attempt, at that. Poor, Bobby.

This is one of my favorite. Jean Grey and Groot. Again, the expressions on this cover tell such a fun story. Groot just isn't quite sure what to think of the lovely Ms. Grey as she attempts to communicate. Now, previous we saw a Jean Grey/Gamora cover, but I like the change. This works better for me.

Cyclops and Star-Lord. Wow. I've become such a hardcore Cyclops fan in recent years - and you guys know my feelings on Peter. To get them both in this awesome cover, shoulder-to-shoulder, in the thick of a fight, having each other's backs, this is the kind of pin-up you long to see. Two of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. Just awesome. Bask in the cool oozing off this picture for a moment...

Okay, enough basking. Moving on.

So much to love here. Angel hitting on Angela. You guys know I'm ecstatic to see Angela on the team, and this is such a great pairing. I've never much cared for Warren, but he's a character I love to hate. I want him around for me to dislike, if that makes any kind of sense. It just works. Makes for a great team dynamic and good storytelling. So his cheesy line he's so clearly using and the sheer loathing disdain on her face makes me a very happy geek. 

Gamora and X-23. This was the cover I wanted, once I saw X-23 in the All-New X-Men style uniform. This just fits. Gamora has to be the Alpha Female and let every other female who walks in the door know it. 

And lastly we come to the two female main-stays of both teams. Nice little action shot of Jean Grey and Gamora. While I love Angela's outfit, and as I've said before, I think it has it's place, I'm happy to see these costumes on these two in particular. Full-body suits, Gamora's more functional as armor than Jean's, but still, it shows that women can be fully clothed in practical uniforms and still be attractive and cool looking.

So that's what's coming out of that camp right now. Tell us what you think. Which is your favorite cover? Are you excited for this crossover? Any hopes for something you want to see out of this? Fears or concerns for things you don't want to see from this crossover? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Very nice! All great covers and a good article. Thank you for posting this.

  2. The problem i have with DnA's run is that it was too short.

    1. Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 may not have been very long, but das't it all if it isn't one of the most awesome things ever written. My favorite comic run by far (although, admittedly, I have not yet read a *lot* of comics)

    2. I absolutely agree, while I have strong feelings on Star-Lord that differ from the mainstream opinion, I think that entire run was some of the best thing to come out of comic books in general, much less Marvel. It's the kind of epic space story that we really hadn't seen that way before, and I think they've tried to reproduce in ways since, but haven't quite hit the same mark. I think we need stories separate from Earth and her heroes. Infinity was good, I enjoyed it, but I kept feeling like these were the wrong heroes to handle these problems. We have several whole books full of heroes for this stuff that we never saw on the front lines.


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