Rocket Raccoon Gets Free Comic Book Day One-Shot

Attention Raccoonatics (rhymes with lunatics)! This year, Free Comic Book Day falls on May 3rd, 2014 and on that very special day, Marvel will be releasing a free Rocket Raccoon one-shot. The issue is written by Joe Caramagna and the art is by Adam Archer, with a cover by Skottie Young (featured to the left). From the previews, it seems to take place in the Keystone Quadrant and features some of Rocket's old pals and enemies.

This will be one of two Guardians of the Galaxy free comics on FCBD, so make sure you pick up both comics. Hit the jump for more images, courtesy of Comic Book Resources!


  1. Yep. It looks like, at the very least, the Keystone Quadrant/Halfworld still exists in some capacity in the 616. Which is great to know. Is that Dyvyne? Why would he be bad (per the DnA history adjustment), unless somehow Star-Thief is lose again somehow... hmm.

    My best bud (and Raccoonatic Captain) over on Marvel Heroes, DarkBeast, posted this preview on the forums days ago. He also got that Agent Venom silhouette guess spot on. He was also the first person to show me that animal variant of Guardians 11 (the universe 61976 one. Heh). I don't know where he goes for news, but he always seems to know everything.

    1. Just noticed the writer. Joe C actually favorited one of my tweets (about Rocket, of course) during the Marvel vs. Star Wars Twitter wars.

    2. Let me know next time you gets some news from him! lol

    3. Will do. I actually meant to mention the preview thing on Twitter, but I must have gotten distracted or something. (I was dealing with some post flagging bullies on forums a few days back)

  2. Great to see Rocket and Groot wearing the proper GOTG Blue and Red uniforms, even if it is a previous tale of Rocket revisiting the Keystone Quadrant!


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