Stan Lee Confirms No GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Cameo

Marvel legend Stan Lee has been known to make appearances in well...pretty much every Marvel film. When asked by Dweebcast whether he would making an appearance in Marvel Studios' upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film, Stan 'The Man' had this to say:

"No, I'm afraid not. That's the one group I didn't create. I didn't create Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm not even sure who they all are. I can't wait to see the movie."

I guess Stan is forgetting that he created Groot. Oh well! We will be missing your cameo, Stan. What cameo would you have liked to see Stan Lee make? As an alien, maybe? Drop a comment below.


  1. I would have liked to see him as a inmate in the prison...or a scene with Groot.

  2. Definitely as an alien, in makeup and everything. Although he'd have to be recognizable still.

  3. It didn't stop him from being in Captain America.

  4. I totally forgot that Mr. Stanley Lieber created Groot! An inmate at the Nova Corps prison, a scene with Groot, or decked out as an alien humanoid yet still very recognizable: all would have been great to see. And, he did create Ronan the Accuser! Two characters, no cameo?

  5. He would have rocked the shit outta the movie with a cameo as Uatu The Watcher!

  6. I had two ideas for a Stan Lee cameo. First, as a farmer nearby the Quill house when Yondu or the aliens show up. He could be minding his business when one of the ships fly over the sky, then (insert funny reaction here). Second, as a prisoner of the Nova Corps and his file could say he's the most dangerous man in the prison, but we see him doing something contradictory of that.

  7. the best cameo would be for him to be a worker at the nova corps as a food server, serving slop and when an inmate asks what it is (camera pans to Lee) and he says "food now enjoy"

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