Bradley Cooper Talks Rocket Raccoon in GUARDIANS

While Bradley Cooper was in France, promoting American Hustle, he sat down with a French reporter from website MDCU. The interview was spoken in completely French, but we have a (rough) translation of what was said. First, when asked how does it feel to be the voice of Rocket Raccoon, Cooper said, "I enjoyed it. I changed my voice for it." Cooper went on to jokingly say that "Rocket Raccoon will speak French in the movie." Without giving any more away, Cooper said he is "finishing the job, but not done yet." He also "loves playing Rocket" and feels "lucky to play a raccoon in this movie."

Not much, but still very cool to hear that he changed his voice. Maybe this means we'll get more of a Cockney accent after all...or not. Drop a comment below!


  1. French instead of cockney? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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  3. See, a raccoon! Bradley knows what's up. #RocketIsARaccoon Hehheh.

  4. Cooper speaks great french. He did an interview in it awhile back and the ladies were swooning.

    This is going to rock.

  5. technically speaking the F word is french..... spelled Phoque which is seal.

    I would provide a full translation but i couldnt locate the video on the site. That is my guess as to what he says in "french" :)


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