Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt recently sat down with MTV for an interview, giving an account of the casting process of his role as Star-Lord. When asked about the audition period, Pratt said, “I was like, "No way, that's a bad idea." I was circling around it for a long time, and they kept testing people and testing people, and no one was right for it. I went in and met the director, James Gunn, and something happened. He gave me a sense of what he wanted. I, of course, wasn't able to read a script until essentially after signing up to do the movie. I could tell from what he wanted that it was something I close to what I could give. It started just becoming real. Then it did. I had a screen test for it. Even during the screen test, I was like, "Oh, I got this. This is mine. This is mine now." I knew going in."

Pratt also talked a little bit about The Guardians themselves. “It's kind of each one does their own thing. I think James Gunn said it recently. He said 'where sometimes comic book movies can go wrong is they take themselves very seriously and it's material that shouldn't be taken seriously. It's really fun material. We do have a pretty fun moment like the team's coming together. It's a shot where the team is walking in slow motion and the good music's playing. We have that moment, but this is a little different than other comic book movies because we're not superheroes necessarily. It's like an epic space opera type of movie. It's not like there's an origin where I can shoot sharks out of my eyes, or have some type of special thing. It's not like that. We're kind of misfits and our strength is that we work as a team.”

Not much new information, but still very cool to hear Pratt talk about it. Thanks to CBM for the transcript. Also, head over there to watch the video of the interview.


  1. Just release a trailer already. I'm going insane over here.

    1. Just breathe in breathe out. It's coming soon, I'm sure!!!

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    1. Before you know it, we'll all be heading out to the midnight premiere.

  3. ...and to think they showed that one existing trailer(by surprise) at my company's sales meeting a few months back (we license Marvel) - and I didn't go. Do any of you get the idea that this movie could make people go "Star Wars? Wasn't that quaint??"


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