GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Storybook Coming In July

TJ Dietsch from confirmed that the upcoming children's book, 'Guardians of the Galaxy (The Origin)', would be released on July 1st, 2014, a full month before the movie's release date. In his article, Dietsch wrote, "Artists and colorists like Ron Lim and Dean White now use the established color guides and style to create new stories like “Guardians of the Galaxy (The Origin),” which hits stores on July 1. Palacios and Isanove went back and forth a bit when figuring out characters like Groot and Gamora who have a bit of a darker tone, but eventually found a great balance they think will do well to define those figures for a new audience." The article also included a picture of Gamora from the book (pictured below).

What do you think of Gamora's design? Will you buy the book for your kids/nieces/nephew/yourself? Drop us a comment below!


  1. I'll probably end up buying this for my son since he'll be too young to see the movie

  2. I like it. Couldn't be as skimpy as some of the comic costumes...not functional for action...but this looks like true comic garb. Love the pastel colors, as it will make other bright colors stand out. Countdown to August wearing me out!!


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