New Marvel Kid's Book Features GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

A little while ago, while shopping, I stumbled across a new kid's book, called 'Meet The Marvel Super Heroes'. It's basically a book that introduces kids to many characters from the Marvel Universe. There are over 100 characters featured in the book, and each one has their own page.

I hadn't expected to see the Guardians of the Galaxy featured, since they are often left out of many of these books. However, with the upcoming film by Marvel Studios getting closer, it appears that the promotional push of the Guardians has begun! Each Guardian has their own page, which tells you a little bit about each character. It also features other cosmic characters, such as Richard Rider (Nova), Captain Marvel, and Silver Surfer. It's really a great book to introduce your kids to the Guardians. Plus, I can't get enough of the illustrations by Pat Olliffe. This is a must-buy for any Galaxian (Not just kids) for the included poster alone! Go ahead and order your copy of Meet The Marvel Super Heroes on Amazon right now, for a great price! You won't be sorry.


  1. Ordered. My son is gonna love this.


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