Tidbits From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY / AMC Interview

Director James Gunn, Actor Chris Pratt, and Producer Kevin Feige were live in the AMC studio answering questions about their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film. Not much was given away, but check out what was below...
  • The second trailer will show more a more dramatic side of the film and will be released in the next few months.
  • Feige said there may not be a post-credits scene, but there probably will be.
  • Gunn said the trailer captures one aspect of the movie really well.
  • Much of the movie was inspired by Abnett / Lanning run of comics.
  • Gunn talked about saying no a million times about casting Chris Pratt, before changing his mind after the audition.
  • Pratt talked about wearing the mask. They bolted it to his head, he could see through it, there was a microphone in it and it looks really cool. :)
  • Bug will not be in the film. Feige mentioned a sequel if the first movie is successful.
  • The tone of the movie is said to be about the characters. Gunn talked about the importance of Rocket Raccoon being believable and not 'Bugs Bunny in The Avengers'.
  • James Gunn didn't know how big the song would be after the trailer came out.
  • 'Hooked on a Feeling' will be in the film. There will be a lot of other cool songs in the movie.
  • Cosmo will probably be in the film judging from Kevin Feige's reaction (or maybe not).
  • Gunn talked about how he hates making movies, but feels driven to make films. He doesn't really like the shooting of films, but he enjoyed making this movie more than he makes other movies.
  • Pratt talked more about his weight loss and the training he went through.
  • Feige said, "It couldn't be more distant in the geography to the other films. 99% of this movie takes place on the other side of the galaxy...There are a handful of characters in the movie that will carry through to the broader threats of the other Marvel movies."
  • Gunn talked a lot about giving the actors roles they hadn't done before.
  • Gunn said, "This is at the core of it, a character piece...it really is driven by the characters and their relationships. Finding actors who could exhibit the different roles...giving actors the chance to do something they haven't done before...We need to make Rocket as real as possible."
  • Chris Pratt said, "I couldn't find all that much about this character (Starlord)...I told James I have nothing but questions...James said "there are many incarnations of the character but we are looking for something to breathe their own style into this character.""
  • Kevin Feige said, "All of us wanted to do something new, original....doing something most people hadn't heard of....We are excited about doing something on the other side of our universe."
  • James Gunn said, "Guardians of the Galaxy is a team of outerspace criminals who get tossed together and find themselves in the presence of something evil...so they fight evil together.


  1. I'm honestly surprised they even brought up Cosmo or Bug and essentially saying one is gonna be in it while the other isn't. I didn't expect such news like that, or "super duper close news" like that. Like I've said, I just really enjoy listening to these three men talk about this film.

    1. Yea, Feige didn't outright deny Cosmo but told fans of Cosmo to watch the film, so I doubt Cosmo won't be included.

  2. That's the charming and annoying thing about Kevin Feige. He's a master of deceive, he can answer things so ambiguously that it's hard to tell if it's true or not, but no matter how you see it, he's NOT lying. He just has a very smart way to avoid answering questions by not telling false information.

  3. Hearing them mention Bug and Cosmo, talking about Abnett and Lanning, just really made me more confident. Gunn is clearly as big a fan of the 2008 Guardians as any of us here are.


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