Andy Lanning Talks All Things GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

SciFiNow recently got the chance to talk to Andy Lanning, co-creator of the "new" Guardians of the Galaxy. Lanning spoke openly about his excitement for the upcoming Guardians film, as well as his confidence in director James Gunn. Here's some quotes from the interview:
  • "Dan and I got to visit the set and read the script and were very impressed with what James Gunn has done. He’s been very generous to acknowledge that the film version of the team is inspired by our run on the comic. But the film is the film and has to tell its own story. However, the characters are more like friends than distant cousins, because everyone from the director, the producers, and actors went out of their way to be respectful to what we had established."
  • "James Gunn has done such a good job in the film script to define them (Rocket and Groot), particularly Rocket. It actually unlocks more areas about them to explore. The Groot story I’m writing and Phil Jimenez is drawing for Guardians Of The Galaxy #100 delves into Groot’s past and goes someway to explain why he left Planet X and why he and Rocket are buddies."
  • Asked about a Nova Movie, Lanning replied, "Having one film based on your work is a once in a lifetime happening you dream of, having two would probably have me dancing like Snoopy on crack!"
Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett are two people whose stamp of approval we value the most. It sounds like Mr. Lanning is very happy with what he's seen so far. Can't wait for Guardians of the Galaxy #14! What do you think? Drop us a comment below!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Cam! DnA's approval of the film really means a *lot* (not that I doubted James, he clearly knows what he is doing)

    1. No problem. I can't wait for the movie to come out!

  2. Last year I was reading about DnA's visit to the set and they seemed very pleased with what they saw and hopeful for the film so their approval does mean a lot.
    As for a Nova movie, well I have been waiting a proper Modern Nova film ever since Annihilation. I prefer Richard Rider as the Marvel Cinematic Universe Nova and hope Marvel Comics nix any (rumored) plans of trying to kill Rich off for good in the current comics. I know they are trying very hard to push this Sam Alexander into the fray but I and many other like-minded fans have hope that it'll be Richard in the end.


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