Chris Pratt Talks Childhood, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Soundtrack and Tone At CinemaCon

Actor Chris Pratt recently accepted the award for 'Breakthrough Performer of the Year' at the CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards in Las Vegas. Before the show, Pratt talked to the press a little bit about his upcoming film, Guardians of the Galaxy

Asked about his preparation for the film, Pratt said, "The primary focus was getting in shape, and also listening to the killer soundtrack that this movie has. It's a big part of the story. When you see the movie, the music that's involved-both for this character and for the movie itself. A big part of what makes Peter Quill, or Starlord, himself is this music that he got to listen to when he was a kid. And it accompanies him on his adventure through space and the team's adventure through space. So you get to listen to some really killer music while watching the movie, which is really smart of James Gunn. So I listened to that soundtrack over and over and just worked out really hard and watched a handful of different epic space movies. 

Pratt also admitted that he some prior knowledge of the Guardians of the Galaxy, saying, "There was a stretch in my childhood where I collected comic books...It was right around the early 90's. There was a big resurgence in comic books in my town, where I grew up. I think Wolverine had just been reissued and there was a new reincarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy that had just come out. My friend Travis collected Guardians of the Galaxy from the first one on, and so it was a big hobby of ours to draw pictures out of the comics. We'd just sit around and draw...Coincidentally, [Guardians] was one of the comic books that I had bought a few of. But it was a different version of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Starlord wasn't a part of that incarnation, but he came in at a different time."

Speaking about the tone of the film itself, Pratt said, "It's loaded with lots of comedy, but takes its drama very seriously. It's a spectacle, but also knows that audiences know what to expect froma spectacle movie, and uses that a little bit to create some comedy."

Very cool info from Mr. Pratt. One can only hope that we see a sequence of the Guardians singing 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' while cruising through space. What songs would you like to hear in the film? Drop us a comment below and let us know!


  1. Chris Pratt is my Star-Lord and savior.

    1. I need this on a t-shirt. And a bumper sticker.

    2. haha. I wouldn't go as far as calling him my savior, but he seems like a genuinely cool guy.

  2. Hey, Cameron, MTV has some good news for Guardians of the Galaxy fans. During the week of April 7th-11th, MTV will hold it's first MTV Movie awards Takeover Week in celebration of the MTV Movie awards airing in 2 weeks on Sunday, April 13th on MTV. During this Movie Awards Takeover Week, every night at 11PM there'll be sneak peeks of upcoming Summer films, and one of those films is Guardians of the Galaxy. The Guardians sneak peek will air on MTV next Monday, April 7th at 11PM, according to TV By The Numbers. Here's the link for proof:


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