Cosmo Tuesday Poll Results: 3/11/14

The poll results are in! The question was 'Which Cosmic Movie Should Marvel Make Next?' And the winning answer is...


64% hope Marvel make a NOVA movie next, while Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock tied for second place, with 13% of the vote each.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll!

Last week, on the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Coulson came face to face with an alien experiment of some kind. Many people believed the alien to be Kree, the same race as Guardians of the Galaxy villain, Ronan The Accuser. This week, we want to know...
This week's poll:
'Was That A Kree In AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D?'


  1. So freakin' awesome. I can't wait to find out what that thing is. Good to see that AOS is getting better. I almost gave up on it.


  2. Lady Sif name checked the Kree...right in the middle of a bunch of other options! :)

  3. yes, why the hell isn't any site reporting on a scoop that big! GDI!

  4. Well, I dunno, give it the overnight and see. AOS is getting really good now!!!

    1. I agree, it's been really great lately.


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