Gamora and Drax Look Fierce In New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Promotional Art

Not sure how we overlooked this, but here is a new promotional image of Gamora and Drax (pictured to the right) from Guardians of the Galaxy , revealed at the New York Toy Fair a few weeks back. In my opinion, these images are much better than the promotional images we've already seen. Gamora actually looks like "the most dangerous woman in the galaxy," while Drax looks like he's ready to bust some heads.

Let's hope that Marvel chooses to use them on most of the merchandise, as opposed to what has already been released. 

Which promotional images do you think are better? Are you planning on buying any Guardians of the Galaxy products when they are released? Drop us a comment below...


  1. I hadn't noticed this before. This is a big improvement. I thought Gamora looked really weird on the other promo art.

    1. Yea, I still don't know why Marvel released that crappy promo art, but at least we got this one too.


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