HAPPENINGS: MARVEL Spreads "Cosmic Cheer" at ART LUDIQUE in Paris

Our new favorite reader, Dustin Harris, managed to stop by the 'Art of Marvel Superheroes' exhibit at Art Ludique Museum in Paris, France today. A couple of days ago, we encouraged our readers to send us pictures of the exhibit, were anyone to visit it. Dustin thrilled us by sending in some great photos of anything and everything cosmic-related that he saw there. Here's his description of the exhibit:
"I thought that I should pass along some of the photos I took of the art displayed at the exhibit, specifically those pertaining to the Cosmic side of the Marvel Universe. There was a room at the end of the exhibit dedicated to all things Marvel Cosmic, including comic art of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos, Nova, the Silver Surfer, and of course the bust of our old pal Groot.

There were a lot of people (young and old) at the museum today, so I hope the exhibit helps spread the buzz (at least in Paris) for the movie going forward."
Thanks to Dustin for being a super-awesome supporter of GuardTheGalaxy! Check out the rest of his photos after the jump!

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art by Charlie Wen


  1. I would do crazy things for some of this artwork, especially the first one. I have the perfect place for it in my house.

  2. Man.. Granov is my favorite marvel illustrator of all time

  3. I want that Nova issue 1 cover. That's what I call a giant sized issue.

  4. Do you think it'll come to America?


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