Top Five: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Fan Art (Editorial)

As many of our loyal followers know, we are very supportive of Guardians of the Galaxy 'Fan Art'. Since the time Guard The Galaxy began, we have received countless e-mails from many artists, with a wide variety of styles, wanting their artwork posted on our Fan Art page. I have to say, I am simply astounded at the talent I've encountered in this fan base. That's why I have decided to list my top five favorite pieces of Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Art, in hopes that it would showcase some of our most talented "Galaxians." Hit the jump to see my picks!

5. Rocket Raccoon and Groot by Facu 

4. Rocket Raccoon by Ryan Pasibe

3. Guardians of the Galaxy by Iduhara Jugo

2. Rocket and Groot by Sacha Lefebvre

1. Rocket Raccoon by Michael O'Hare

What's your favorite piece of Guardians of the Galaxy Fan Art? Drop us a comment or link below and let us know! Also, if you would like your fan art posted on our site, e-mail it to Thank you!


  1. I love the Rocket piece by Jesus Marquez, the Band piece by Jonathan Torres, Tom Hodges Gamora are some of my favorites. But I have to agree with you on Michael O'Hare's Rocket and Racu's Rocket and Groot. Those are some awesome pieces. I don't now why, but I just love that red-eyed Rocket. The style he's usually drawn in, with those red eyes, just really works for me.

  2. Number 3 is my favorite. Nice manga style.

    I've seen three that combine Nebula with Doctor Who, but 1 of them is safe to post here; the other two have adult language.

    1. I'd like to see one of those. Where are they?


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