MTV has reported that the Facebook game, Marvel: Avengers Alliance, will add the Guardians of the Galaxy as playable characters, just in time for their film debut in August. Marvel's VP of Games, TQ Jefferson, had the following to say: "You've got Groot, who is a massive tree and is very physical and monstrous like The Hulk. Rocket is going to pack a lot of heat with the array of guns he has available. You've got Gamora, an assassin and the deadliest woman in the known universe. Drax has a couple of big knives and is just as dangerous as Gamora. Then you have Star-Lord, the swashbuckler, who plays the lead role on the team. He'll have an array of abilities, he's pretty versatile."

Also, in other Guardians of the Galaxy video game news, online multiplayer game Marvel Heroes will be adding a new costume for playable character, Rocket Raccoon (pictured to the left). It is called the 'Timely Inc.' costume and is what Rocket wore in his Annihilators miniseries while working for the company of the same name. Shout-out to our main man, Leo Wyld, for hitting us up with that info.

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  1. Aw sweet. That costume is finally gonna come out.

  2. Yeah, I've mentioned wanting that costume before, of course. Been asking for over a year. There was one point where I was even making a point of asking for daily, no kidding. I was not the only one who wanted it, though. Gazillion once put up an official costume request topic, Timely was requested three times on the first page.

    How I found out this was *finally* happening... Ryolnir is the Community Manager for Marvel Heroes. But he is also a player and he chats with the community often, on Twitter, as well (where he is one of my followers). Well, I was not on MH forums at the time this was announced and I get a tweet from Ryolnir saying that I should get to the forums. I knew there was only one thing he could've been talking about when he said that, and was, fortunately, correct. Incidentally, they have said his pistols will be graphically replaced by the staple guns in the pic, and they hinted to some sort of change with his jetpack (not sure, but I'm thinking maybe fire extinguisher?). Also, Ryolnir told me after my burst of happy excitement on Twitter, that it should be out in a few weeks, barring any schedule changes. And it *may* not actually be called "Timely Inc." because Gaz revealed some weeks ago that name, specifically, had been one of the issues making approval difficult. (It is possible they worked that out, too, though, so we'll have to see)

  3. Starlord:Strategist/Generalist.

    Rocket Raccoon:Blaster.





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