Amazing Fan-Made GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Poster, Plus New FUNKO Bobblehead Images

Every now and then, fan-made posters are made with such talent and passion, that they surpass the official posters themselves. This poster (pictured to the left) by design9497 (don't know their real name) is no exception. Made with recently leaked hi-res Guardians of the Galaxy character images, the artist did a great job improving on the original poster. After this was posted on the internet, it blew up! Fans all over were drooling to get their hands on a copy. Honestly Marvel, if you are reading this, please use this poster. We love it.

Also, Funko has released official images of their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy bobbleheads. There are two different styles: the immensely popular 'Pop!' Vinyls, which feature all five movie Guardians, and the 'Wacky Wobblers,' which feature just Starlord and Rocket Raccoon. These are set to be released at the beginning of July. Check out the images below!


  1. Hey, Cameron. I have word from Kevin Feige via about if Thanos was cast for Guardians of the Galaxy yet. And, he says no. I am to wonder if he is saying this protect the truth that Thanos was really cast since he said in a interview Thanos makes an appearance in Guardians when he refers to him as "a certain purple guy that smirked to us at the end of avengers who makes an appearance in Guardians" or if he really means it. What do you think, Cameron? Give me a comment. BTW, here's the link of Feiges words on the casting of Thanos:

    1. Hmmm...if I had to guess, I'd say that Feige is not telling the complete truth here. The filming for Guardians of the Galaxy has already wrapped up. Thanos has been said to make an appearance in many different interviews. Unless they haven't filmed his scenes yet (which I doubt) then he must have been cast already. I doubt they would have him make a speechless appearance again, since it would seem repetitive after The Avengers credits scene.

    2. And even so, he would still be cast if he was given a speechless scene. My guess is Feige is not telling the whole truth.


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