Three Great New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Images Surface From Entertainment Weekly Magazine

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine, Marvel revealed two new images from Guardians of the Galaxy. Check them out below!

Also, in the article, Thanos is said to be "motion-capture", with James Gunn describing him as "the head of the snake." Also, James Gunn says, "We're definitely connected to Avengers 3."


  1. If GOTG is connected with Avengers 3, Its no doubt Thanos will be the main bad guy for it :)

    1. Now we have confirmation! This is shaping up to be an awesome day!

    2. And, if GOTG is connected with and to Avengers 3, that also means we will see the team-up of the Guardians and the Avengers when they battle Thanos.

  2. I love the group shot in the prison. Gamora's look is priceless. I think i'm in love.

  3. Groot looks freakin' badass in the group shot!

  4. Hey, guys and Marvel fans. I just got the new issue of Entertainment Weekly in the mail and it has revealed a ton of new info about "Guardians of the Galaxy". Let me tell you the major 5 from least important to excitingly important:
    5) Peter Quill left Earth at age 8 and joined a group of smugglers called the Ravagers. Also, his home on Earth is Missouri.
    4)Vin Diesel describes Groot as a "bad mofo from Planet X" even though James Gunn says Groot is truly "very innocent and just wants to be liked by Rocket Raccoon and do the right thing".
    3)Gamora's comic book establishment will still be intact as she is the adopted daughter of Thanos, but with a major twist: Thanos murdered her family as well as Nebula's family and raised both of them as his adopted daughters, so, Nebula is now Thanos's second adopted daughter.
    2) Thanos is still confirmed to show up in the movie after his recent first appearance at the end of "The Avengers", and it is revealed that he will be a CGI-motion capture character like Rocket and Groot. However, his voice actor is still not revealed/found yet, but hopefully will get the announcement of who soon in the remaining 16 weeks leading up to the film's release. Also, James Gunn describes Thanos as "the head of the snake" of villains in the movie.
    1) This is the last but very excitingly important piece of info revealed about "Guardians of the Galaxy", Marvel is going to be tight-lipped on when and if the Guardians will return. However, James Gunn slipped this exciting piece of info: "We're definitely connected to 'Avengers 3'." Gunn said. And, this means we are gonna see the Guardians and Avengers team-up to battle Thanos in "Avengers 3" for the ultimate Marvel brand-merging worldwide hit.
    If this proves anything, I still have 100% belief that "Guardians of the Galaxy" will be Marvel's next global worldwide billion dollar box office hit. Who here agrees with me? Give me a comment.

    1. I agree with you! One billion dollars, here we come!

    2. Thank you for agreeing with me, Cameron. Also, with James Gunn confirming that Guardians sets up Avengers 3, it also means that not only will Thanos be the main villain, but, the Guardians and Avengers will team-up and stop him. Don't you agree with me on that too, Cameron? Please reply if you can.

    3. I think you're right about that too. Can't wait to see Hulk and Groot interact.

    4. Glad you agree with me on that, too, Camron. Thanks, buddy. Also, I'd like to hope

    5. we will see what happens when not only Groot interacts with the Hulk, but, also,what happens when Drax interacts with the Hulk.

  5. These pretty cool pictures and great news made my day!

  6. I love Chris Pratt's smug expressions; sort of reminds me of a 1980s Kurt Russell. Also, Rocket Raccoon is a total badass - I can't wait to see more of him!

  7. I dont mean to ruin your day, but i think its MODOK. I mean, TWS tied into Avengers Two, so why shouldn't GOTG endorse Marvels next little known adventure? I mean, Ant Man has fought A.I.M, and MODOK seems like a good villain for Edgar Wright.

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