BOOKS: Get A New Look At GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY With Movie Tie-In Books For Kids

In the next couple of months, Marvel will be releasing a few different Guardians of the Galaxy books for kids. Now we've got five covers, courtesy of Hachette Group. Check out the covers below, which feature new Guardians of the Galaxy artwork, including an awesome new look at Ronan The Accuser. 

More pics after the jump!


  1. Seeing all these toys and coloring books I'm beginning to believe I'm hyped for a full-blown kids movie. Not sure if I like this.

    1. Its a Marvle Studios flick. They always pander to the young audiences(much to the snobs annoyance).

    2. Yeah, I'm just having a difficult time containing my hype.

  2. Rocket looks so damn happy on that last one. Kinda freaking me out.


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