FAN ART: The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Take Down Alien Scum In This Vintage Poster By Rob Csiki

Hit the jump for a Q&A with creator Rob Csiki...

Guard The Galaxy: What inspired you to create this piece of art?

Rob Csiki: First and foremost my passion for comics and movies is the short answer. Also, I really wanted to create original pieces of pop art to hang in my place. I have always had a love for vintage movie posters from a long time ago. It seems movie posters today have lost what makes them special to me: they are art! I miss that honestly. So with my enthusiasm for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it inspired me to create a vintage "sci-fi pulp-style" comic book cover poster. James Gunn would often describe his movie as gritty but colorful, like the sci fi movies of yesteryear. So for me it was easy, it was just visualizing it that was a challenge, but a whole lot of fun! The idea for me was to show the Guardians acting like a bunch of "A-holes." It was very important to me to convey each character with the way that I think they would react and behave in any dangerous situation. So as you look at my artwork, simply imagine the scene continuing and see what you come up with.

For me it's like, Rocket will turn the mouthy alien around and BOOM! there goes his head. Speaking of head's, Gamora being "the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, well you can see what just happened to that poor dude in a blink of an eye. Seductive flirtation, and then a cold sword sweeping through his green blooded neck. :)   Then we have Starlord as he is caught off guard. But he will get up, shake it off, adjust his broken mask and then let his elemental pistol do all the work. Poor Groot is in a tangle, but I think the tentacle's will be ripped from limb to limb from wherever that creature came from. Last but not least there's Drax as he is literally  "swept off his feet", but not for long as his blade's will surely make contact with all his rage filled fury not far behind!  It was also key for me to convey a sense of twisted humor in all. I loved creepy and eerie magazines growing up. So I tried to sneak some "bizarre" in the artwork as well. It would be my sincere hope that Mr. Gunn see's this artwork and simply "gets it" and maybe has a chuckle or two about the absurdity of it all. I plan on posting it on his Facebook page, so here is hoping for another compliment like my last poster I posted on there a couple month's back.

GTG: Explain your creative process. How did you create this?

RC: This is a true labor of creative love that is for sure. I started with a geeky idea, a thumbnail sketch and the word's "A bunch of A-Hole's" to drive my creative concept forward. Then came some props, a small tripod, a pretty cheap digital camera and my living room and kitchen as a photo studio. I modeled all the poses in the shot and began the long task of laying out the composition in Phototshop. The rest is about 200 or so Frankenstein layers of reference textures, images, and lot's of digital painting to make it all whole. This is a true hybrid piece of pop art! I used everything I taught myself over the years physical and digital art-wise that I am truly excited by the finish product.

GTG: What's next for Rob Csiki?

RC: Possibly Marvel studios hiring me to do custom posters! Ha ha!  Seriously though, it is a toss up right now. I want to do a poster with Hellboy in it, done in a Frank Frazetta style of him standing over a pile of monsters smoking his cigar. Kind of like Conan the Destroyer back in the day but with a humorous style. Or there is a poster of Spider-Man I want to do for a friend mine. It would have his 3 year son in it, as he is a fanatical Spidey fan right now. I would like to do my interpretation of the Amazing Fantasy No. 15 cover, but his son is replacing the thug, but he is screaming for joy as he swing's through New York with his bud Spidey.  :)

Thanks to Rob for being such an awesome guy and providing us with the interview. He has truly created something wonderful for Galaxians to enjoy. Personally, I would love to have a poster of this on my wall. What do you think of his art? Drop us a comment section below!


  1. Fantabulous! Great work Rob.

  2. Such great work on this, Rob! You captured the look of all the characters perfectly. And the overall style of the piece is amazing, totally grabs your attention.

    1. For those who don't know, he did another Guardians fan poster last month that was pretty cool, too. And he redesigned the banner which is back to the previous one, I now realize.

    2. Very true. I love both banners, so I will alternate between them.

  3. This is awesome! My question is, were can we get a copy?

  4. Sweet Jesus man,unreal!!!!

  5. I'd LOVE this design on a shirt or something. Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. I just want to thank Cameron for the article and everyone for there kind words. It is so appreciated. I also wanted to share with you all that James Gunn was super ecstatic about my poster on his facbook page today. he commented 3 times on it! Check it out.

    Thanks again everyone!

  7. Chris Pratt just tweeted this cool poster! :D

  8. Beautiful!!!!!!

  9. I really really want this on my wall


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