MERCH: Star-Lord Marvel Legends Figure Is A SDCC Exclusive

Hasbro is really going all out for fans of Marvel Cosmic at this year's 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. Also, they're releasing a Marvel Legends Infinite Series 5-pack, based on Abnett and Lanning's 'The Thanos Imperative' series, exclusive to Comic-Con (with a limited run on HasbroToyShop afterwards). The figures included in this pack are Black Bolt, Medusa, Blastaar, Gladiator, and our very own Star-Lord! Check out the pics below!

There will also be an 'Infinity Gauntlet' pack offered at the convention, featuring 3 3/4 inch figures of Nebula, Starfox, Mistress Death and Thanos himself. It also features a foam Infinity Gauntlet, so you can punch your siblings with it. More info at USA Today.


  1. Convention exclusive?
    That's fine. It's not like I'm a toy collector and The Thanos Imperative is one of my all time favorite comics. It's not like I've been waiting for this set for half a year. Naw nothing like that.


    1. There will be a limited amount available at after the convention. Make sure you keep an eye out. You may be able to snatch one up.

    2. I am aware. I've just had super bad luck with those.
      So some time after July 27th I'm just going to have to have my wallet out and spam the refresh button on Hasbro's site.

  2. I'm still waiting on a 3 3/4" Gamora. I mean we got the GotG box set, but they never made a Gamora figure so my set is NOT complete!!!

  3. Not that I collect these SDCC exclusives but...very disappointing that Nova(Richard Rider) is not included. Set should have been made up of Nova, Star-Lord, & Thanos(even if he already is on the other set). Cancerverse Mar-Vell would have been a nice touch.


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