Today is the day that many different entertainment websites release their set visits from last year's Guardians of the Galaxy shoot at Shepperton Studios in England (we weren't invited). We've compiled a list of all the set visits we've seen so far, and will be updating the list as the day goes on. We've also put quotes that would be of interest to Galaxians. Check them out below! 

Chris Pratt Set Interview: Guardians of the Galaxy
"I think Drax is awesome, not only the character but Dave Bautista the actor. I just really adore him so much and think he’s very, very good. Unique. I really love him. And I think Rocket is a great character, not just in a way that you would think. There’s a lot of heart there."

Yahoo! UK
Guardians of the Galaxy: 25 Things We Learned On Set
"The voice of Rocket Raccoon needed fast talking patterns, humour and heart. The filmmakers tested lots of big name stars and voice actors for the role, but found it difficult to find someone who ticked all three boxes. Bradley Cooper eventually landed the part."

On Set With Marvel's Rock'n'Roll Heroes
"...a huge stone and steel structure that looks like the inside of an Aztec cave, but which is actually the interior of The Dark Astor, chief baddie Ronan’s spaceship."

James Gunn: Guardians of the Galaxy are Rolling Stones to Avengers' Beatles
"...the amount of characters from the Marvel universe that we have in this movie, down to very, very minor characters, is enormous. We have way more characters in this movie than any other Marvel movie, and way more Marvel characters, so it is a lot of stuff. For me being an actual Marvel geek, it has been great."

15 Reasons To Get Excited About Guardians of the Galaxy
"The primary antagonist is Ronan. Everyone else, either he works for or they work for him. He works for Thanos, and then Korath and Nebula and initially Gamora all work for him. He’s the primary villain. He’s a really twisted guy. He has a very religious bent in this film. He has a very sick and twisted view of what morality is. Strength is virtue and weakness is sin. That’s what he lives by. He’s very scary because of his beliefs, which are real to him."

More to come!

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  1. Great interviews! Screenrant had posted their article as well.
    The biggest surprise from this would be the fact that Gamora and Nebula weren't a part of the original script.


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