MOVIE MERCH: Preorder The 'Big Blastin' Rocket Raccoon!

Amazon is currently taking preorders on this Big Blastin' Rocket Raccoon Figure. If you press a button, Rocket Raccoon's gun lights up and spins around. It also features many different phrases from Rocket himself! It's sure to be a hot selling toy this summer! The figure is made by Hasbro and is selling for $29.99. If you preorder it now, you will get it next month. Strike while the iron is hot! Will you be buying it? Drop us a comment below and let us know!


  1. Jeez that thing is scary lookin'

  2. I'm totally going to buy 10 of these to put on my desk at work! It's going to be the coolest desk ever!

  3. Just pre-ordered mine last night. :o)


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