Weekly GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Poll Results: 5/13/14

The poll results are in! The question was 'When will Marvel announce the actor for Thanos?' And 70% said...

At San Diego Comic-Con!

This week's poll: 
 'Which Solo Comic Are You Most Looking Forward To?' 
(Legendary Star-lord or Rocket Raccoon)


  1. Although I plan on buying them both, I'm really looking forward to the Rocket Raccoon series. Rocket is a truly amazing character! 8D

  2. I wonder who will have more fangirls after the movie comes out: Star-Lord or Rocket Raccoon?

  3. I'm actually looking forward to Star-Lord the most, but I will buy both. There should be a both button for the poll

  4. I've never really liked rocket, plus i can't stand Skottie Youngs art. I think i'll avoid RR and stick to Star Lord, my favorite GOTG character.


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