Weekly GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Poll Results: 5/20/14

The poll results are in! The question was 'Which solo comic are you most looking forward to?' And 56% said...

Rocket Raccoon

This week's poll: 
 'Favorite thing about the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer?' 


  1. Yeah-huh, #YearOfTheRaccoon! But, hey, it was a close fight, so congrats on a close second, Pete.

  2. the fact that i've never considered myself a fan of rocket raccoon, as well as the fact that i find Skottie Young's art unbearable, is why i will not be picking up the Rocket Raccoon Series. if anyone but Skottie Young was doing it, there would be a slight chance of me reading it, but his involvement sealed the deal.

  3. Am i the only the one who noticed Ronan?

    1. A lot of people did. I guess people are more excited about Rocket and Groot talking and Knowhere.


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