Luke, Han, and Leia Get Hooked On A Feeling In This GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY / STAR WARS Mash-up Trailer

Here's something that will make your day better: The Unusual Suspect on YouTube has created a hilarious Guardians of the Galaxy/Star Wars mashup trailer! It features footage from the original Star Wars trilogy, masterfully pieced together in the same style as the Guardians trailer. Props to the the creator(s) of this for doing such an awesome job. Definitely worth watching more than once! Thanks to Michael Ehrgott for bringing to our attention.


  1. Cameron, 4 your next poll, can U have it b What Will Nathan Fillion's Cameo in Guardians Be? And, can u have the choices be Cosmo the Spacedog, Adam Warlock, and other? Please reply. Thanks.

    1. The choices should be: Cosmo (voice), Adam Warlock, Mar-Vell, Jason Quill, Other ;)

  2. Awesome!! Glad you guys posted this and read my email. Such a fun video. Great editing and hilarious scene choices. :D

  3. That is one great mash-up trailer... in fact, it felt like GotG is gonna be the Star Wars of this generation :D


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