MERCH: First Look At GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Figures By Hot Toys, To Be Released This Fall

Hot Toys recently took to their Facebook to reveal a first look "teaser" image of their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy figures. The figures are expected to be released sometime later this year. Check out the image below!

Will you be scooping these up? Which ones? Drop us a comment below and let us know!


  1. Gonna get as much as my wallet can handle hehehe. I hope that Rocket Raccoon will be cheaper considering that it's small. I'll definitely be getting Star-Lord. just hoping that there's an unmasked head piece.

  2. Since my husband and I are big Hot Toys-Fans, I think we'll get all of them. But Rocket will be the most important one for me.

  3. Oohh man Rocket has his Prison outfit :3 This will be hard not to buy. Like Anonymous said i hope Rocket will be cheaper somewhere in the 100 dollar price range :)


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