PICS: A Collection Of Director James Gunn's "GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Pics Of The Day"

UPDATED 8/4/14: On director James Gunn's Facebook page, he has been posting behind-the-scenes pictures from the Guardians of the Galaxy set. Each picture gives us an inside look at the process of creating the film. It's also fun to see the actors chilling between shots. We have compiled a list of all of the pics and descriptions. Check them out below. And also make sure to follow director James Gunn on Facebook!

August 5th - "A couple of alien prisoners find a rare moment of tenderness in the Kyln."

August 4th - "I lent Zoe Saldana my buddy Timone the meerkat, one of 'Oreos and Friends' who would come hang out with me on set and ride around on my shoulder while I was directing. He was my best pal of all the animals and I hope we get to make the sequel in the UK just so we can be reunited. Stay tuned for more cast and crew hanging out with Timone. Everyone loved him. Even those he peed on.

August 3rd - "The Exolon Monks and I couldn't be more stoked on our 160 million worldwide weekend. Thanks everybody!"

August 2nd - "Debonair Drax. Yes sometimes Dave Bautista would get chilly on set. He has sensitive nipples! - In all seriousness I would feel so bad for Dave on these cold night shoots in Knowhere, making him fight, get tossed around, scream his lungs out, and get dunked in yellow pudding - all while shirtless and exhausted. But it seems to have all paid off, as Dave's amazing comic timing and intense acting have been pointed out by almost every single critic. A wrestler who can actually act? Oh yes indeed. And he's also the kindest dude around. So proud to help share his talents with the world."

August 1st - "Even the villains are pleased with how much everyone loves Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanks guys!"

July 31st - "The gang together on our last shooting day in the UK. Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Krystian Godlewski (on set Groot), Sean Gunn, me, and Dave Bautista."

July 30th - "Okay this photo may not mean as much to our celebrity-obsessed culture, but to real cinephiles it's an awesome moment of our production team - the creators of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie - together on the set of the Milano, Quill's ship, treating it like our dorm room. From L to R - me, our production designer Charlie Wood, our assistant director Jamie Christopher, our line producer Nick Korda, our Marvel studios co-producer Jonathan Schwartz (standing), and our Director of Photography Ben Davis. These guys were by my side every day, working countless hours, and were the ones who made the movie happen"

 July 29th - "Hanging with Karen Gillan as Nebula, sans contacts."

July 28th - "Ravagers unite! Is it a coincidence that all my real life friends look like outer space criminals?" 

July 27th - "The props department gets shivs and other illegal weapons ready for the Kyln prison."

July 25th - "Working on the scene with Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, & Dave Bautista. Fun creative days!"

July 22nd - "Every day I'd bring VonSpears to set, he'd go off with his walker, and then he'd return and see each other at the end of the day. Here's his face when he sees me one day, surrounded by the alien citizens of Xandar."

July 21st - "One of the stranger items in Taneleer Tivan's collection."

July 20th - "Getting abducted with Wyatt Oleff, who plays young Peter Quill. What a great kid - just a pure joy to be around - and an amazing young actor who moved us and blew us away on a daily basis."

July 19th - "We all get ready to shoot inside the Kyln. This was early on in the process and were some of the scenes I has most painstakingly storyboarded, pre-animated, and rehearsed. They were pretty smooth days, as far as these things go."

July 18th - "My little meerkat pal Timone and I stealing a shot on Ronan's throne. Timone would visit me on set and hang on my shoulder all day while I directed (as long as anyone didn't get too close - if they would try to touch me he'd protect me by snapping at them)."

July 17th - "I was grateful when my old boss, the president of Troma Entertainment, Lloyd Kaufman, came to London to do a cameo in the film - as a prisoner in the Kyln. Lloyd taught me more than anyone else about making films. One of the things that keeps me sane in this business is staying true to my roots - whether with friends, family, or co-workers. As the world around me changes it's nice to have some consistency in my personal life (even if that consistency is as crazy as Michael Rooker). Have a great day, folks!"

July 14th - "Dave and Chris waiting for the next setup."


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