Listen To Our Exclusive Alternate Version Of The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Soundtrack (aka Awesome Mix)

The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack (aka Awesome Mix Vol. 1) will be released on July 29th, but some of us have been listening non-stop to the songs already. We thought it would be cool to make a playlist with alternate versions of each song and embed it on the site. Some songs you may like better, some you may hate, but either way, check them out below!

Awesome Mix Vol. 1 (Alternate Versions) by Guard The Galaxy on Grooveshark


  1. Great playlist. As much as I love Blue Suede's 'Hooked' I was honestly getting tired of hearing Ooga Chaka. The version by BJ Thomas is much better.

  2. while I may never tire of the "Ooga Chaka", both B.J. Thomas and The Killers revealed lyrical verbage I had either long forgotten or was to lazy to lookup. Great alt-playlist from a site(Grooveshark) whose marvelous functionality is often lost in the myriad streaming services.Happy birthday Mattia!!!

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