Get Your First Low-Res Look At Josh Brolin's 'Thanos!' (POTENTIAL SPOILER)

by Garret Watts
One of the main things that I (and many other nerds) have been looking forward to in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is Thanos, who doesn't have a major role, but is rumored to still have a decent sized one. Josh Brolin (Jonah Hex) will be doing the voice and motion capture for him, and you can get a low-res shot of him in full costume below, and don't miss Guardians of the Galaxy's release tomorrow!! This is, of course, potential SPOILERS, So click the "Read More" tag to see the pic... If you dare...


  1. My Guardians of the Galaxy review: Ok, Marvel fans around the world and James Gunn. If you're listening, I just wanna let you know I just got back from my first viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX 3D. And, you know what, I fucking loved it. Everything was incredible in the movie. The second opening scene with Quill on Morag dancing to Come and Get Your Love fit the scene perfectly. Thanos from Avengers was fantastic-looking. Josh Brolin did a wonderful job of voicing the Mad Titan and I can't wait to see what he does next. And, I hope you will allow Joss Whedon to bring the Guardians and Avengers together to battle Thanos in Avengers 3, because it will make one hell of a global smash hit. Too bad you couldn't get Brolin credited as Thanos. But, I'm okay with it. Then, the music was spot-on fantastic from Hooked on a Feeling to the Piña Colada song to Cherry Bomb to Ain't No Mountain High Enough to I Want You Back. You've made space movies get even awesomer music. BTW, Ronan was a major badass villain. I know some people are a little concerned with his one-dimensional ith, but, that's why he is. As Lee Pace said, Ronan is complicated, and it's clear he ain't joking. Yondu was one very cool character. Drax was the most funniest character of all in the movie. The planets and locations were very real, especially Xandar and Morag. Thanks for also bringing back Thanos's servant from Avengers, The Other, though it was sad to see him die in what I feel will be his memorable appearance ever in the MCU. Denarian Saal was a very interesting character in the Nova Corps. The battle of Xandar was fantastic. The duels were amazing. And, a few more things. First, thanks for keeping Drax's comic book origins the same when he says at the end "It's really Thanos I wanna kill", Secondly, the casting was spot-on perfect. Third, I think this is the best Marvel movie ever, better than Avengers, better than Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and even better than Iron Man. Fourth, the way you opened up the film with the Marvel logo coming up after Quill gets abducted by Yondu was surprising and awesome. And, fifth and finally, last but most certainly not least, the best characters of all in the movie were Rocket Raccon and Groot. You made them feel like they are the new favorites of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel did a phenomenal job voicing them and they will be what drives this movie to be a global financial phenomenon. After what I saw, it's clear that Marvel has another worldwide billion dollar hit on their hands, whether people agree with me and believe me or not. And, I hope people will make this Marvel's next billion dollar hit, because if any other Marvel movie other than Avengers and Iron Man 3 can make a billion worldwide before Avengers: Age of Ultron, it's your movie. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. So, in my closing thoughts, bring on the sequel in 2017, introduce Quill's father, and continue to make more movies in your style. Best Marvel Movie Ever! Thank You and Marvel and Disney so very fucking much. 5 stars.
    P.S. Kudos to you and Marvel for bringing in Howard the Duck into the MCU in the final post-credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy. If you can, I must ask you if you can reveal who voiced him in that closing scene and I would like to make sure you bring him back for the sequel in 2017. So, if you can please answer back. Thanks.
    And, I hope people will get Guardians to open over $100 million in its opening weekend, because it deserves to.

    1. Great words Al. I just got back from the movie. I loved this movie so much too. As we were leaving my daughter said she has a special place in her heart for Groot.

  2. That Guardians of the my favorite movie ever, I especially like Rocket, I really feel for him.


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