Pics From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Red Carpet Premiere

On Monday, July 21st, 2014, the Guardians of the Galaxy red carpet premiere took place in Hollywood at El Capitan Theater. The event was massive, with fans lining up at the early hours of the morning. Crews spent most of the day setting up for the event. Below are some pictures from the event!

by Leonard Sultana
by rendyjonxs
by RichardusScriptor
by SondreNordkvelle
by Leonard Sultana
by Leonard Sultana
by Leonard Sultana
by josh_avery
by cerilli

by cerilli
by thewardrobest
by Leonard Sultana
by cerilli
by Chris Thorne
by emilynsharp
by Frigga's Boys
by fabiomoon
by Mitali
by xphile03
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  1. You can also check back here, for official photos taken by Marvel.


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