Marvel Promotes GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY By Releasing 'Galaxy Getaways' Viral Site

Part of the viral marketing for Marvel's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film is a very neat website named 'Galaxy Getaways,' which features a "Google Maps" tour of the planets in the film, Knowhere, Xandar, and Morag. These new looks at the planets are great. The site also features a 'Find Groot' game, plus a quiz that tells you which Guardian you are most like. Check out the site here, and watch the promo video below, which features new footage from the film!


  1. That's pretty freaking epic.

    No. Legendary.

  2. I especially like how real the planets, Morag, Xandar, and Knowhere look. I can tell Guardians will indeed be Marvel's next worldwide billion dollar box office breakout blockbuster smash hit. Only 29 more days left to go until it comes out, baby! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Alright guys, I'm releasing an early copy of the official previewing of Guardians of the Galaxy.. Download it now while it is up! Link is in my video

  4. Does anyone know ANYTHING about the press tour yet? I can't believe they announced a press tour but not the locations, the premiere is so close - or is there just some hidden information that I am not smart enough to find?

    They have to come to Europe and I would really like to see the red carpet, but whether I can or cannot go depends on when and where they are heading to. If they just pop to different countries without a proper notice I might not be able to go even though I would've had the time and money otherwise. Also, I'm curious about who are going to be on the tour. In Singapore it was Zoe, Dave and James but I'd imagine it could vary from place to place. I'm most interested in seeing Lee Pace because he's one of my favourite actors and I just need his autograph for my all time favourite movie, The Fall, in which he is starring.


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